A simple one-page application and immediate access to unsecured funding from $2,500-$500,000

How It Works? And why choose a Global Cash Advance?

No application fees
No financial statements
No tax returns
No fixed payments
No collateral
No penalties
No compounded interest rate
No fixed monthly payments
Bad credit is OK

We buy a fixed dollar amount of your credit card receivables at a discount. In exchange for cash now, you repay us with a small percentage of your daily credit card transactions. There are no surprises and no hidden fees. You simply repay us out of your credit card receipts. It doesn’t matter how long it takes.

You may qualify for additional funds within 60 days depending on your account performance.

Loan Alternative

It’s no secret that bad-times for financing is rough. But if you know in advance that there is a viable alternative.

The Process

GCA business cash advance offers a streamlined process that provides a simple one-page application.

How Much In Funding?

Businesses can be approved and receive immediate access to unsecured funding from $2,500-$500,000.

OK What's The Catch

NONE!  No more jumping through hoops, endless paperwork, proof of collateral and fixed monthly payments… Whew!

You never have to worry about writing a check or paying a late fee. We collect the funds through an automated process and apply the payment to your account.


Difference Between Global Cash Advance vs. Conventional Loan

Global Cash Advance

Approval Rate 95%
No Credit 99%
No Financials 99%
No Collateral 99%
No Fixed Payments 99%
No Compounded Interest 99%
No Penalties 99%
Approval in 24-48 hours 99%

Bank Loan

Decline Rate 95%
Good Credit 99%
2 Years Financials 99%
Collateral 99%
Fixed Monthly Payments 99%
Compounded Interest 99%
Penalties 99%
Approval May Take Months 99%

With a Global Cash advance, the small business owner can:

Purchase Inventory/Seasonal Merchandise
Purchase/Repair Equipment
Pay off Debt/Taxes
Emergency Funding

You can’t beat an GCA business cash advance. No more jumping through hoops the typical business loan puts you through—endless paperwork, snail-speed approval processes, near zero loan approval rates, proof of collateral and personal guarantees for security, fixed monthly payments, and limited restrictions to the use of funds—Whew!

With GCA , you use the business cash advance for any business purpose. You, the small business owner will benefit from high approval rates, minimal credit requirements, and a flexible repayment process tied to your business’ sales volume.

GCA makes it easier for a business owner like you to raise funds early in the life cycle of a young business or during trying economic conditions. Let us help ensure the stability and growth of your business. Call GCA right now, this minute.

About GCA

GCA is a merchant company with offices in New York City and South Florida. We provide capital to businesses nationwide.

We believe that small business is the back bone of the economy. We realize the difficulty business owners have in trying to raise funds for their business either early in the life cycle of a young business or during trying economic conditions.. This is the principal that GCA was founded on.

We can help ensure the stability and growth of your business. Call today to see how we can help your business.